Sangamo Conference Results

Saturday, October 7 2023

What a race, and congrats on achieving one of the team goals, conference champs!!! Team scores are as follows:

3. Auburn 89
Congratulations on winning the team championship!
All-Conference runners were:
Elijah Teefey, 2nd place
Jack Willenborg, 8th place
Top 15 finishers:
Elijah Teefey, 2nd place, 15:26.5
Jack Willenborg, 8th place, 16:12.5
Cole Payne, 9th place, 16:23.41
Ryan Driskill, 10th place, 16:25.66
Braeden Galloway, 15th place, 17:13.22
All Times:
Teefey 15:26.50
Willenborg 16:12.50
Payne 16:23.41
Driskill 16:25.66(PR!)
Galloway 17:13.22 (PR!)
Crater 18:09.81
Griminger 19:21.53
Copeland 20:50.62
Nass-Helfer 22:14.38 (PR!)
Season best drops!
Driskill 16:32.1-16:25.7
Galloway 17:13.3-17:56.5
Nass-Helfer 23:58.6-22:14.4
All Time top 20 (Varsity) Results: