Patriot Invite Results

Saturday, October 14 2023

The boys competed in the Patriot Invitational in Peoria on Saturday.  The boys placed 3rd in a field of 38 complete teams.  Team scores were:

1. Elmwood 77
6. Prophetstown 222
10. Delavan 305
Medalists include:
Elijah Teefey, 5th overall
Jack Willenborg, 12th overall
Ryan Driskill, 24th overall
Cole Payne, 34th overall
Garrett Beebe, 14th overall
Ty Copeland, 37th overall
In addition, Ryan Driskill ran the 5th fastest freshman/sophomore time in Plains history, completing the 3 mile course in 16 minutes and 23.4 seconds.
Braeden Galloway ran the 6th fastest freshman time in Plains history at Detweiller Park, completing the 3 mile course in 17 minutes and 37.8 seconds.
Time drops compared to last year:
Teefey 16:46.1-15:41.6
Willenborg 16:27.9-16:03.0
Driskill 19:50.7-16:23.4
Payne 16:36.7-16:35.8
Crater 18:18.6-18:10.3
The Det times from FTTF to Patriot (same course, 6 weeks later)
Galloway 18:21.3-17:37.8